"What I really like about Advanced Design Sketching is that there are very few organizations that really focus on skill building; the ones that do don't quite do it the way ADS does it. I think the way that ADS looks at skill building is very similar to the way that I do it: it's not skill for the skill sake, it's about the skill as a way of thinking." 

Michael DiTullo, Founder and Chief Creative at Michael DiTullo, LLC.




Design a logo for Advanced Design Sketching so that it expresses the theme of our mission and vision: education and growth. We’re in the process of updating our Visual Brand Language - we want to give our logo a nice subtle update, we figured: why not get the ADS community involved!

Rules and details for this design challenge are as follow: the logo redesign should be a subtle update of our current logo, logo should reflect sketching, sketching tools, evolution, etc., logo should be a symbol, and logo size should be 4”x4” in 300 DPI in RGB format.

The deadline for the challenge is March 16th, winner will have their logo be part of our VBL, and win free tickets to this years SQ1CON in August. Email all final designs to hello@advdessketch.com. The winning concept will be announced on Friday, April 6th - we might ask winning concept for additional changes. 


Our History

Advanced Design Sketching began in 2016 as a summer workshop for 15 design students to hone skills outside of the classroom about design topics such as: rapid visualization; visual communication; marker rendering; understanding hierarchy; product relationship; sketching techniques; speed and efficient techniques; and how to use sketching as a thought process. These weekly workshops were held at the UIC Innovation Center and sponsored by the IDSA Chicago Chapter.

Each session provided an opportunity for students to interact with design professionals either in person or via video conference. These professional designers shared their secrets of the trade and answered questions from students about the design scene in which they made a name for themselves. Advanced Design Sketching now collaborates with over 50 plus professional designers, students, design studios, design educators, etc. from across the world - and have a presence in both Milwaukee and Chicago.  


In the spirit of advocating for design education, the students of ADS felt they needed to further their mission and make their voices heard nationwide by organizing a conference specifically focused on design sketching. The planning committee, composed of seven UIC Industrial Design students chose to call this conference Square 1—a phrase that means to begin again after a dead-end or failure.

This conference is meant to embrace failure, encourage process, and push creativity. Unlike other design conferences, which do not highlight the importance of design sketching, Square 1 will embrace the universal language of Industrial Design and encourage students to obtain its fluency through: rapid visualization; visual communication; marker rendering; understanding hierarchy; product relationship; sketching techniques; speed and efficient techniques; sketch notes; and storytelling.  

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Along with creating a video library, Advanced Design Sketching (ADS) began putting together events in an effort to bring designers to the Chicago area to make design tangible for aspiring students. These are photos of our past events which were in collaboration with various design organizations, such as UIC IDSA Student Chapter, UIUC IDSA Student Chapter, IDSA Chicago, Autodesk, and MNML.

The designers featured were as followed: Joey Zeledon, Principal Designer at Steelcase, Aaron Powers, Footwear Design Intern at Nike, Jacob Ballard, Senior Industrial Designer at Newell Brands, Patrick Walraven, Industrial Designer at Radio Flyer, and Michael DiTullo, Founder and Chief Creative at Michael DiTullo, LLC.  

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Advanced Design Sketching is a non-for-profit organization. All of our events are free to the design community. Our goal is to bring awareness to a plethora of topics within design sketching. Our leaders work tirelessly to bring you the best designers the industry can offer. Your donation will allow us to plan for future events and conferences. Your support is much appreciated.