Creative Session

Hoang Nguyen + Anh Nguyen 

Principal Designers, Playground

The brothers Hoang & Anh founded Creative Session a design blog dedicated to ideas between the two. Currently, they head design at Playground building brands and products. Founded by Andy Rubin the creator of Android. Playground is a venture firm that partners with entrepreneurs working at the intersection of atoms, bits, and AI to build the companies of tomorrow. The brothers believe building great products begin with developing lasting brand visions, these values are the foundation for strong companies and innovative products. Collectively they have a diverse body of work, designing for companies such as: Amazon, Google, Samsung, Nike, Kanye West, Versace, Audi, Microsoft, Shinola and more. They think the best part about design is the unfamiliar fields you’re thrown into. Currently they’re geeking out with robotics, quantum computing and aerospace.