Dan Zimmermann

Interior Design Manager, Dodge and SRT, FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) USA

I have a great love for all design. As much as I'm an Automotive designer, I'm a student of design history. I always try to keep an open mind and try to push paradigms. 

I am forever a student. I enjoy going to car shows and learning about how some of the most iconic cars in history were created. I also enjoy the stories each car tells, and try to focus my photographic/artistic efforts on the beautiful design work of vehicles that catch my eye.    

I support the Old School Car Class Facebook page, giving critique and helping resolve drawing and proportion for those who wish to learn. I believe that imagination is the key to design, and the toughest part is to communicate a pure vision. Since I spend a great deal of time drawing, I am always analyzing proportion, line weight and perspective. I strive to dimensionalize my imagination, and hope to help other do the same.

I feel strongly about bringing up new talent, and enjoy working with students to better their skills, and help hone their imagination.

I believe design is a strategy of practice. You can't learn in one sketch what you can learn in three. Good design embodies the simplest elements in a package worthy of memory.