Kevin Clarridge

Senior Industrial Designer, Design Central 

Kevin Clarridge is an Industrial Designer out of Columbus Ohio, and alumni of the Columbus College of Art & Design. Kevin was drawing concept art and tearing apart old electronics as far back as early elementary school and continued throughout his education. He arrived at college expecting to major in Illustration, focusing on concept art. After completing a foundational first year, he discovered Industrial Design as a major and realized that his passion for dreaming about the future and real world problem solving could come together in one career. Still a dreamer, Kevin loves to imagine how products and technology will shape our future and the way we interact with each other. He has worked with a variety of companies such as P&G, LG, Crown, Hoover, and Fisher Price. Kevin works to be a valued team member in all facets of design, although sketching ideas into reality has always been the most enjoyable part of the design process for him.