Morgan Matt

Industrial Designer, Insight Product Development 

Morgan Matt is an industrial design intern at Insight Product Development and recent graduate from Virginia Tech. In April of 2017 she began work at the award-winning health care design consultancy, where she helps design medical and noninvasive surgical equipment.

As a student in Virginia Tech’s College of Architecture and Urban Studies, Morgan launched a start-up company, funded successful products on Kickstarter, and redesigned archaic everyday items to be more humane and sustainable. Throughout every design project the young designer consistently emphasizes the importance of strong research, empathy, and innovation.

In her sophomore year, she was selected to work in conjunction with the nonprofit DesignHouse to help design, market, and launch the first in a line of locally manufactured products aimed at revitalizing Chicago’s manufacturing industry.  She later worked with two alumni to design Vàs, an artful, sustainable, modular planter they successfully launched through a Kickstarter campaign. The planter, now manufactured and distributed internationally, hangs on the wall, allowing people to grow plants and herb gardens in apartments, dorms, and cubicles.

In her final semester, Morgan turned her focus to a topic that reshaped the path of her career. For her thesis, Morgan redesigned the speculum used in gynecological exams. The metal, two-pronged device in use today still bears the 1845 design introduced by a male doctor in Alabama. Recognizing her design trajectory and efforts to break boundaries on an overlooked and potentially taboo subject matter, Morgan was honored as the college’s 2017 Outstanding Senior Representative; an award she views as a success for all females in her program and the industrial design industry. As she continues to build experience and grow as a designer, Morgan hopes to encourage young women to stand out in the industrial design world, tackle provocative subjects, and take entrepreneurial risks.