SQ1CON 2018

All great work starts at the beginning: square one. Square One Conference is a design event for people who are interested in design and development. This past event focused on the importance of process, featuring talks in analog, digital, and innovative visual communication techniques through workshops and lectures. Hundreds of students, educators, and designers ranging from all experience levels attended this conference at the Illinois Institute of Technology's Institute of Design in Chicago this past July 2018.

SQ1CON 2018 was headlined by two brothers, both Industrial designers by trade - obsessed with graphics, animation and branding: Creative Session. The rest of the all-star lineup included Reid Schlegel, Spencer Nugent, James Connors, Nick Baker, Jeff Smith, Paul Sohi, Anne Goodman, Kelly Lin, Teddy Lu, Graham Allan, Jacob Ballard, Joey Zeledon, Alexandre Nys, Zeeshan Hakkim, Dominic Montante, Carly Hagins, and Derek Cascio. They lead design workshops that spanned all aspects of design! Above is a recap of the conference put together by the Creative Session brothers! You can also swipe through our photo gallery.


We have hosted two wildly successful design conferences (SQ1CON) within 10 months of one another—pulling attendance from a total of nearly 1,000 people; this is the the first year we've held the annual conference with an international audience to boot. Since 2016, ADS and SQ1 has expanded beyond design sketching as we continue to push our message forward through education in the advancement of various design and communication practices. 

Thank you to our SPONSORS!

We would like to thank the following people for making individual contributions to the SQ1CON conference. Your help is much appreciated, we couldn't have done this without you! 

Thank you - Kevin Banos, Connor Pelletier-Sutton, Nick Troll, Akin Yemi, James Connors, Melvin Melchor, Connor Bost, David Voung, Martin Veldsman, Matej Sindelar, Lupe Chavez, Vanessa Rodriguez, Nick Savidge, and Rotimi Solola.